Grieving Lancashire mum talks at bullying summit

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The mother of a teenager who took his own life has spoken at a conference on cyber bullying.

The talk and discussion was led by Charlie Baguley, a teenager from Nottingham, whose concerns about internet bullying grew after a friend attempted suicide.

Joanne Hargreaves-Doherty

Joanne Hargreaves-Doherty

Also taking part in the event at St Luke’s Church, Winmarleigh, on Sunday was Joanne Hargreaves-Doherty, whose 16-year-old son James Doherty took his own life in August 2016 in Tower Woods, Cleveleys.

James, who had attended Hodgson Academy, Poulton, had been working as a lifeguard while awaiting his GCSE results.

He had been the victim of online bullying.

Joanne has since founded Doherty’s Destiny, a group which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people.

James Doherty

James Doherty

Charlie Baguley, who was trained for his role as a youth ambassador by the Childnet International organisation, was introduced and thanked by the vicar of Winmarleigh theRev Gary Lewis.