Master of the mind could help in weight-loss plans

Hypnotherapist Russell Hoyles claims he can make you thin
Hypnotherapist Russell Hoyles claims he can make you thin
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Want to lose weight? For many, it’s a case of a good diet, exercise and willpower – but when that all fails, who then do you turn to?

A 54-year-old Ansdell man could provide the answer.

Russell Hoyles, of Kingsway, offers hypnotherapy treatment to help people think themselves thin.

Some may query the tactic, but Russell’s methods have been employed by hospitals across the North West, including Liverpool and Blackpool, and he is soon to launch a community base in Lytham to help people with weight loss issues.

His hypno band model – in other words a psychological gastric band that helps to teach people when they are full, has produced startling results in helping fat-fighters to lose weight.

Russell said: “I would describe myself as a motivational clinical hypnotherapist

“I am an established therapist with Spire Liverpool Hospital and Spire Fylde Coast Hospital, and hoping to open my own clinic soon. The clinic will be based in Lytham, opposite The County Pub.

“Losing weight using the hypno band programme is a two-way street, but I can help people target foods like chocolate and develop an aversion to them, as well as teach people to learn the signs that demonstrate when they are full.

“However they have to be willing to work with me – there is no magic switch.”

Russell who has more than 25 years’ experience working in NHS and social services health teams, has long held an interest in hypnotherapy. As a young rugby player he used self-hypnosis before matches in order to relax and maintain a positive attitude.

But it was being diagnosed with cancer and consequently off work for several months last year that re-awakened his enthusiasm for the therapy.

“I’ve been sporty all my life, but as a kid I was quite chubby. I’ve been there.

“Five years ago I had a cancer scare and re-assessed what I wanted to do in life.

“I started becoming more involved in hypnotherapy and now work across the region.”

For more information contact Russell on 07921 212728.