Help us find our tortoise

Tommy - missing tortoise from Brades Lane, Freckleton
Tommy - missing tortoise from Brades Lane, Freckleton
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A desperate pet owner is pleading with eagle-eyed Fylde residents to keep on the look-out for her missing pet tortoise.

Eighty-year-old Tommy vanished on Thursday and his owner, Wendy Brennan, of Brades Lane, Freckleton, wants residents help to recover him.

She said: “We have scoured our lane and neighbours gardens, but to no avail. Because of his age, he needs a special diet with supplements to preserve his shell and keep him healthy. My worry is in this beautiful weather he can cover a great distance, and we would be extremely grateful for any help.”

Posters with information about Tommy and what he looks like have been place throughout the village.

If you spot Tommy or have more information, contact Wendy on (01772) 631132 or 07799 141009.