Hero drags woman out of fire flat

Lindsay Court
Lindsay Court
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An heroic neighbour smashed his way into a woman’s smoke-filled home and dragged her to safety.

The man broke down the front door of a flat two floors below his home after hearing a smoke detector go off.

He then rescued the woman, who is in her mid-30s and was asleep, by pulling

her out of the flat in Lindsay Court, St Annes.

The blaze had broken out after a pan was left on the stove.

Today firefighters praised the “remarkable” bravery of the neighbour, saying the smoke caused by the flames could easily have been life-threatening.

Firefighters said the smoke alarm, along with the actions of the neighbour, undoubtedly saved the woman’s life.

Crew manager Jonny Williams, (right), of St Annes Fire Brigade, added: “A neighbour on the top floor heard the smoke alarm and went downstairs and broke the door down.

“The woman was unable to get herself out of the property, and was dragged to safety.

“Although the flames were not too serious, there was a lot of smoke and her life would have been in danger if no-one had heard the alarm.

He added: “It was a remarkable effort to hear the alarm and act upon it.