Hits galore delight songwriting duo

Liam McKenzie and Nick Corcoran of the St Annes-based band The Coustics
Liam McKenzie and Nick Corcoran of the St Annes-based band The Coustics
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  • St Annes-based band The Coustics featured in hollywood video
  • Band now have inquiries from around the World as video reaches one million hits
  • Song has had more hits in the past week than in the last five years

Fylde band The Coustics have well and truly broadened their horizons after one of their songs was chosen for inclusion in a Hollywood video.

As internet hits on Shane Dawson’s short film I Hate My Selfie rattled up towards a million this week, St Annes-based Coustics songwriters Liam McKenzie and Nick Corcoran have been fielding ever more inquiries about their music from all corners of the world.

Comedian-author Shane Dawson

Comedian-author Shane Dawson

As we reported last week, their song My Horizon was chosen by Dawson, who has three channels on You Tube, to feature in the 12-minute promotional video for his new book.

And the interest generated has produced more hits for the song on the internet site SoundCloud inside the last week than in the five years since it first appeared there as part of the band’s debut album.

“The reaction has been amazing – and the inquiries and messages keep coming,” said Liam.

“A million hits on Shane’s video is an incredible statistic - but it seems quite a few of those people have then gone on to SoundCloud to hear the song and from, there to listen to other songs on our album.

A million hits on Shane’s video is an incredible statistic

“My Horizon alone has had some 2,000 hits in the week that Shane’s video has been around - that’s about 200 more than in the five years up to then that the song has been around.

“We have had messages from Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Australia and all over the States - and when Shane’s book went on sale earlier this week, a week after the video went live, there was a new wave of interest.

“It’s brilliant - and the great thing about the internet compared to TV is that that video is up there forever and hopefully the inquiries will keep on coming.”

The band has also had a message of congratulations and compliments on My Horizon from veteran DJ Bob Harris and Liam said: “In many ways, that means as much as all the numbers from around the world.”

The Coustics, who release their second album on SoundCloud this summer, play on home ground this weekend when they take to the stage of the Station Tavern, Lytham on Saturday from 9.45pm.

But My Horizon, a gentle acoustic number, won’t feature in their uptempo set.

“It fits better into our sets played as an acoustic duo as opposed to the full five-piece band,” said Liam. “But we hope to play some gigs this summer at which it should feature.

“We love performing and the Fylde audiences are great. A lot of people might think we are just a covers band but we are very proud of our original songs. Quite a few have already featured in videos and other media and the agency which contacted us in the first place about the Shane Dawson video has said it will be interested in hearing material from our next album.”

Dawson, who also has 2.4m followers on social media site Twitter, told the Express: “I knew when I heard the song I had to have it in my short film. It had so much heart and really made the scene extra special.”