Homes will ruin marshland view

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OBJECTORS have vowed to carry on the fight against plans for new housing which they say will spoil their marshland views.

A Government inspector has already passed plans for the development on the land in Freckleton. But a more detailed application may yet go to Fylde Borough Council’s planning officers.

One protester, Amanda Towers, who lives with her partner Tony on Bunker Lane, Freckleton, said: “There will be no view whatsoever of anything over these fields.

“On the other hand, it is the fact there are so many walkers, it’s the Lancashire Coastal Way, and they plan to have construction there.

“They have only got a 12 feet wide footpath. The only entrance is past the Ship pub and it is a little cobbled lane. From a wildlife point, we have wading birds here and they will just go.”

Tommy Threlfall, Freckleton ward councillor and parish councillor, said: “It was beyond belief of the parish council and Fylde Borough Council that planning was given - and it was wrong.

“The parish council delivered their objection which was against any development there and the Fylde Borough planning officer delivered their objections which was absolutely excellent.”

A spokesman for Fylde Borough Council said the authority objected on the grounds that the proposed houses would be detrimental to that area.

He explained: “It was a visual impact objection.

“The plans for the houses were in an urban format for that location and access was to have been by a public footpath and we believe there would have been conflict between vehicles and pedestrians. It is part of the coastal footpath.

“It went to the planning inspectorate and the inspector adjudicated on November 9.

“We now have to abide by that decision and the only grounds on which you could object were on points of law. You have three months to object and that expired on February 8 so they are out of time to campaign further.

“However, if the proposed developer wants to proceed with the application he will have to make a reserved matters application to Fylde Council. What the inspector’s adjudication means is they have permission in principle, but now have to come back to apply for detailed permission, so the matter may yet return to the public domain.”