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Stefanie Williams of Aerial Worx - Picture courtesy of Aerial Worx
Stefanie Williams of Aerial Worx - Picture courtesy of Aerial Worx
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A North West company is to give a fresh take on two scenic parts of the Fylde coast using specialised camera equipment.

Aerial Worx, based in Leyland, has videoed never-before-seen footage of Lytham Windmill and has plans to film the Spitfire in Fairhaven Lake.

Run by Stefanie Williams, the company specialises in filming buildings across the region using a quad-copter, a four-rotorblade flying machine.

The 42-year-old said: “We have several quad-copters, with the smallest being 500mm in size, right through to the largest being 1.2m in diameter.

“We attach a camera, called a ‘Red Epic’, which is used by the BBC to film many documentaries.

“It gives a great picture quality with none of the blurring. My partner, Peter, works at BAE Warton and recommended we tried filming the windmill. In the next few weeks we hope to film the Spitfire too.”

Stephanie, who has been flying model aeroplanes since she was a child, said the company’s quad-copters have been used to help with building surveying, while in September the firm asked to fly over the badly damaged St Marys School in Leyland after a fire, using thermal imaging cameras to look for casualties.

For more information about Aerial Worx contact 0787 677 7140.