‘It’s a sad time’

Fylde Mayor Coun Howard Henshaw presents the Illuminated record to Honorary Alderman George Caldwell.
Fylde Mayor Coun Howard Henshaw presents the Illuminated record to Honorary Alderman George Caldwell.
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TRIBUTES have been paid to an honorary Fylde alderman who has died.

Former Fairhaven councillor George Caldwell, 92, passed away on Saturday after several periods of illness in the latter years of his life.

He had served the Fylde ward for more than 30 years.

Mr Caldwell was born in Hindley, Wigan and became an apprentice to an electrical and plumbing firm in St Annes at the age of 14.

He later became an academic with associations with Loughborough University and represented Fylde Council on the Court of Lancaster University.

He lived on Inner Promenade, Fairhaven.

He spent much of his time at the council as an expert on the planning committee.

In 2011, he was recognised for his years of service when he was presented with an ‘illuminated address’, which honours a councillor who has served his borough for more than 20 years.

Leading councillors described Mr Caldwell, a former mayor from 1995 to 1996, as “remarkable” and “quite a character”.

Coun Howard Henshaw knew Mr Caldwell for more than 15 years.

He said: “We got on very well together. We were both on the planning committee.

“I always respected his judgement, but I know in these later years he was starting to become frail.

“He was his own man and didn’t always toe the party line.

“Despite me being a Liberal Democrat and him a Conservative party member, he supported me on several planning matters, even when others voted against me.

“While I was mayor I presented him with his illuminated address – recognising him for his years of service.

“He always did his own thing and was very knowledgeable.

“He was quite a character – one of the great characters – and I will miss him.”

Mr Caldwell last stood for election in 2007, before stepping down in 2011.

Fylde council leader Coun David Eaves added: “George Caldwell was a remarkable councillor and alderman for Fylde Council.

“He was a wealth of knowledge for councillors and highly respected – it’s a sad time.

“He had been suffering ill health for some time, but will be forever remembered for his time at the council.”

Allan Oldfield, Fylde council’s chief executive, added: “Alderman Caldwell was one of Fylde Council’s highly-regarded elder statesmen and all at the town hall have been saddened by this bad news.

Speaking in 2008, in an interview with the Express, Mr Caldwell described his love of the seaside resort.

He said: “I love the area because it is by the seaside, it is quiet and it is very encouraging to live.

“Where I live on the promenade, the things I have got in view for 50yds – it is beautiful.”

Details have yet to be released for Mr Caldwell’s funeral.