Italian bike crash horror

Lucca, Italy
Lucca, Italy

A popular fundraiser is in intensive care with broken bones and a punctured lung following a horrifying bicycle crash involving a former Fylde MP.

Edward Cook, a keen cyclist and organiser of the annual Taps Pub 30 Bike Ride, suffered a broken shoulder blade, broken shoulder, damaged ribs and injuries to his lungs after the incident in Lucca, Italy, while riding with friend and former MP Michael Jack.

Lytham man Mr Cook (pictured), who was visiting Mr Jack with wife Kay, was left seriously injured in the crash after being thrown from his bike.

Mr Jack said Mr Cook remains in intensive care and is in a stable condition.

He added: “We were out riding and coming down a steep hill. My bike hit a pot hole. I was thrown off and slid down the road about 20 metres.

“Edward was then hit by my bike and came off.

“He suffered multiple injuries and was taken by ambulance to the local hospital, then on to an intensive care unit at a new hospital in Lucca.

“I am pleased to say although the injuries were a broken shoulder blade, broken shoulder and damage to the ribs, which included a punctured lung, he is now in a stable condition.

“With every passing day he is making an improvement.

“The care being given is absolutely excellent.

“The absolute key has been the last 48 hours – there has been no infection in his lungs.

“How long he will be here for will be decided by specialists.

“Knowing Edward, he will be putting all of his energy into his recovery.”

Mr Cook, a member of campaign group Defend Lytham, has played a key role in the organisation of popular Taps Pub 30 Bike Ride.

Pub landlord Steve Norris wished Mr Cook a speedy recovery following the accident in Lucca, near Florence, on August 1.

He added: “He is an accomplished biker – he has a hybrid bike and has been cycling for many years.

“He has all the equipment and how this has happened I do not know. He has been a Taps regular for many, many years and has been a massive help for the cycle race – he is the main guy who puts it all together.

“I know this year we needed to raise £5,600 to break the £100,000 mark from the past races and we raised £7,000. He has been the main instigator.

“We do not want anyone in that state – it was just a very, very serious accident.

“We want him back home and in safe hands.”

Defend Lytham member Janet Lees added: “He has had a very serious accident and is going to be in intensive care in Italy for some considerable time.

“He was a very keen cyclist – he does a lot of charity work for The Taps pub – I think he has raised a considerable amount of money.

“He went out there with his family – he has done that for several years.

“As far as I know Edward went out there Thursday to the Jacks and it happened on the Friday, the day after. We are all shocked and stunned and waiting to find out more information.”