'˜It's unfair that poorly kids should miss out'

Should children be congratulated for having a 100 per cent school attendance record?

Monday, 24th July 2017, 12:54 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:43 pm
School attendance party at Bloomfield Road. Revoe pupils celebrate

Blackpool Council has thrown a series of parties at Blackpool Football Club for school children in the town who had a perfect record of turning up for class.

More than 1,300 youngsters in the resort qualified for the privilege.

But while many agreed those who had a 100 per cent record should be rewarded, others attacked the system saying it was unfair as many children will have been off with unavoidable illnesses.

What do you think? Here’s a selection of comments on our website and Facebook

Attendance means a lot. It’s nice to celebrate this with children especially as this might be the only treat they get. My daughter was very proud of 100% attendance as was I. My son was often poorly and never got to go. He wasn’t at all bothered by this and both my children have turned into lovely level headed teens. I work in a school and see how happy this reward makes children.

Jo Westhead

Congratulations to the three children who have managed to achieve seven years 100 per cent well done

Heather Fletcher

My daughter has had 100 per cent attendance since she started school three years ago. She has gone to school poorly –it teaches kids right from the start that they have to get up every morning and go to school just as they will when an adult

Sarah Haywood

My grandson has a very rare auto immune disorder and spends a lot of time in hospital, appts and just generally being too ill to attend school.

Mostly when he is at school he can only manage half days. Is it his fault he is ill? No it isn’t any more than any other child that is ill. He can’t go on school trips, school holidays, parties and many other activities. Children like him are being made to feel the odd one out all the time and something like this just makes them feel worthless.

Fran Forster

The ones that grow up and can’t be bothered to work are the ones that have come from families where the parents don’t teach them the value of work and learning at school and working for the things you have.

Emma Lee

Good on the kids who have 100 per cent attendance but what about those who were unwell, bereaved, not had someone there to wake them every morning and send them off so they may not bothered coming in, worried that they would be in trouble for being late... it’s all about effort, perseverance and attitude and most of all.. kindness!

Shar Clark

I have sympathy for those kids who, through genuine illness could not achieve 100 per cent attendance, it should be taken into account.

But I agree wholeheartedly that those kids who managed it be rewarded.The majority of kids who don’t achieve 100 per cent are not absent with illness.Like me when I was a kid, they are truanting, and all too often with parents knowing about it

Ali Donald

I agree with tackling truancy and encouraging attendance at school but for the most of us who do send them to school even when feeling poorly I do not agree with parties and rubbing it in the noses of those children who are ill or bereaved.

Fiona Reid

Maybe they should allow kids with attendance of 97.5 per cent and above go, that then allows for a few days off sick, but as long as the parent has phoned the school and explained why their child is not attending that day.

Alan Clark

I think it’s great that kids are being recognised for attendance. However my son did fall to below 95 per cent for the year. Through no fault of his own

Alexa Jayne

Children should be rewarded for effort and achievement, and not for attendance

Simon Page

Funny how we get the usual pontificating about how school is so important and just one day off can have a detrimental effect on the child.


The system is highly unfair against children with disabilities and such like, it is wrong, there could be a child that needs hospitalising

Oh my god

Many years ago after being in bed for a week due to full blown flu I went back to work. I was being paid for being off work and there was no pressure on me to return, but I felt just about up to it. I infected the entire company and God knows how many customers.

Mr Jinks1

I totally disagree with this. Rewarding children who have been lucky enough not to fall ill, or who haven’t had medical appointments etc. They should be rewarded for behaviour in school instead for example.

Liane Hickson

There isn’t a correlation between academic attainment and 100 per cent attendance. I agree that attendance needs to be at a high level but it’s pot luck if a child gets a bad bug or not, usually the bug is spread by a child who has 100 per cent attendance. Silly thing to reward for – why not start rewarding for excellent results and creativity or sports instead?

Iris Aeyn

I agree my son constantly has medical appointments for different reasons at hospitals etc and my daughter has a heart condition so has to travel to Liverpool for appointments and they miss out

Mel Lewis

My daughter last year got 99.89per cent then this year it’s 99.10 per cent. She goes in, tries her best. Always has her reading book which we do every night and is a good all round kid. For the second time since starting school she yet again doesn’t feel good enough because of this sodding party.

Simone Moore