Keep those wellies handy – more rain is on the way

Picture: PA
Picture: PA

In the month where some are taking part in dry January, the weather definitely isn’t following suit.

With not a day without rain so far this month and following the wettest month since records began, according to the Met office, Blackpool could be set for more weather drama.

It’ll be a very wet weekend followed by seven to 10 days of cold weather

Lancashire forecaster Stuart Markham

Forecasters from the Met Office say more rain is on the way with rain predicted for today and even thunderstorms set for Sunday.

Monday could see some snowfall and rain is due to fall for the rest of the week, according to forecasters.

Amateur forecaster Stuart Markham, from Lancashire, is also warning of more topsy-turvy weather later in the month - but he hopes there may be some good news on the horizon.

He said: “It’ll be a very wet weekend followed by seven to 10 days of cold weather. It doesn’t look like it’ll snow although it’ll definitely be cold enough.

“Funnily, after that there’s a warm current coming across from Florida, heading over to Africa and then looks set to come to the north west of England.

“That could mean the end of this month is very like December. Wet and warm. But it is very unpredictable.”

Muriel Lord, who measures rainwater for the Met Office in Chipping, says there was nearly 400mm of rainfall in December compared to the average for the month 158mm.

She said: “This makes it the wettest month we’ve ever recorded since we started in September 1968.

“January won’t be quite as bad but judging by the rainfall so far we’re going to have a very wet month.”

So it looks like the weather will remain as unpredictable as ever with a chance of rain, snow, ice and sun this month.

Probably best to keep wellies, coats, ice skates and sun hats at the ready.