Late bar bid for boxing match sparks debate

Two Blackpool bars which wanted to serve alcohol between 4am and 7am during a televised boxing match have suffered a knockout blow. SHELAGH PARKINSON collects the best of your comments

Monday, 14th August 2017, 12:08 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:57 am
Should Blackpool bars be able to sell booze during the televised live fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor?

Should two Blackpool bars be allowed to serve booze up to 7am for a televised boxing match?

Yates on Market Street and Walkabout on Queen Street both applied to Blackpool Council seeking permission to serve alcohol between 4am and 7am on Sunday August 27.

The venues wanted to televise a live fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor which is being screened live from the American gambling city.

It sparked a debate on our websites with some saying it is a recipe for disaster - while others said a refusal would be a case of double standards.

Police objected to the applications – and the bids were withdrawn at a council licensing hearing on Thursday.

Here are your views.

Walkabout and serving alcohol till 7am would be a recipe for disaster usually but it’s one night and it’s for a sports event with pre bought tickets so if precautions were in place for the few idiots that will look for trouble I don’t see a huge problem

Stella Shields

The 6am drinking is garbage anyway.

It was so much better when they shut at 4am or 2am even! You’d make sure you were in the pub for 7pm.. on to a club say 11-12 then at 2am you wer stumbling out of a club heading straight for a greasy kebab and home at a reasonable hour.

Now everyone stays home till midnight drinking because the clubs are open till 6am. And most people from Blackpool know that horrible sinking feeling you get when you walk out of Flamingos at 6am, it’s daylight and seagulls are trying to nick your chips

Chris Lonsdale

All the pubs were open in the early hours when the World Cup was on a good few years ago.
We rolled out of Yates at 8.30am as they opened at 6.30am and served alcohol

Leeann Emsley Hepburn

A recipe for more trouble than usual in town. If people can’t get enough to drink before 7am then they’ve got a problem

Lynne Rigby

No problem, so long as they’ll healthily fund the extra blue-light services to cover their work.

Steve Prowse

It’s only for one night to watch the boxing live, probably most of the people that will go wouldn’t go normally to them places

Roy Latham

Up till 2am is enough..most people don’t know when to stop or how to behave if they have one too many

Colette Smith

Already get 7am drinking at the casino

Ken Phillips

I used to go out about 8pm. By 8.30pm town was heaving and full of life.

Last time I went in town centre I went in a club that used to be Flares, it was gone midnight and there were more staff than punters.

When I used to go you would be queueing for ages to get into there and Rumours

Lousie Swindells

Get back to 2am and 11 on Sundays..flaming town needs sorting and back to family values and ways

Andy Durham

Yet the supermarkets can sell it 24 hours ? Double standards

Stephen Lawton

They would have to rebrand from ‘Walkabout’ to ‘Staggerout’

Andrew Woods

If I owned a bar I’d stay open till 7. More hours = more money, especially if you’re the only bar open till 7. It’s up to the customers to drink responsibly

Toby Beswick