Latest sewer woe goes on

Emergemcy sewer work at Warwick Road, St Annes
Emergemcy sewer work at Warwick Road, St Annes

Work on the latest sewer collapse in St Annes is set to take longer than initially hoped.

Warwick Road has been closed to traffic since last Wednesday – but after early forecasts suggested the road might be open again today, United Utilities (UU) has confirmed the work is to continue into next week after engineers found that the damage is greater than first thought.

UU spokesman Mark Donaghy said: “We are going to have to continue our investigations into next week as our initial surveys have shown the sewer is damaged along a much longer stretch of pipe than we initially thought.

“We’re sorry for any disruption while we carry out this emergency repair.”

Warwick Road is close to a number of other sewer collapses which have occurred in St Annes recently. Collapses in the town over the last two years and their proximity to each other prompted UU officials to investigate via an underground camera whether the incidents were linked – but they maintain they are not.