Letters - 18 September 2019

White lines in the middle of the road on parts of the Promenade and back streets have faded, and the the council needs to act, says one correspondent
White lines in the middle of the road on parts of the Promenade and back streets have faded, and the the council needs to act, says one correspondent

Lines in the middle of road are non-existent

My son and I have just returned home after a three-day break in Blackpool.

My son is learning to drive and we took the opportunity for him to get some experience under his belt.

When we arrived in Blackpool my son was driving the car, and he was confused by the lack of road markings defining the lanes along the seafront and some of the back roads of the town.

Regular users of Blackpool’s roads must have a damn good idea of lane discipline as we could not make them out. One minute we might see a cycle lane then it’s gone.

The line in the middle of the roads is non existent.

As I said this is not just one road but quite a few.

The council should take a long hard look a road safety and road markings

Mr A Livingston

via email


Johnson not fit to hold office of PM

Having read an advance copy of David Cameron’s memoirs, which fully corroborates every other published account of Johnson, it is clear surely to even those suffering from myopia that Johnson is not a fit person to hold the office of PM.

He is untrustworthy, economical with the truth, incompetent, as witnessed by his stint as Foreign Secretary, and is concerned only about his self-advancement.

He mistakenly thinks that buffoonery is acceptable in place of serious and effective decision -making. I hope his time in office is less than that of George Canning.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Absolutely no plans to raise pension age

I wish to correct some factual inaccuracies in a letter by Rob Mason when claiming the Conservatives propose raising the state pension age to 75. This is not party policy and never was. It was a suggestion by a think tank but sadly the Daily Mirror ran the story with a deliberately misleading headline which has been amended. There are absolutely no plans to increase the state pension age.

Coun Christian Cox



Crime pays - and will continue to

Due to the actions of successive governments, we no longer have an effective police service.

The multiple killings in our cities and towns are the result of the degradation of our once admired police. Who says crime does not pay? It sure does now. Criminals continue to commit theft and burglary in the certain knowledge that even if they are caught, and that is unlikely, they will get either a short sentence or even a suspended one which allows them to continue their nefarious activities undisturbed by our almost no- existent police service. Boris Johnson has promised an increase in staffing, but I doubt we shall see officers on our streets.

Peter Hyde

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Current state of chaos in society

I am unsure whether Project Fear, (Brexit, sugar, et al), the gullible public, or the headline-seeking national media is the most unbelievable component of our current state of chaos? Answers on the back of a referendum voting slip!

Terry Morrell

via email


Two can play at Project Fear game

With the Remainer parties playing politics with Project Fear, I think that two can play that game. Vote Remain and see Prime Minister Corbyn scrap our deterrent overnight and scrap the submarine building programme.

As our democracy dies the death of a thousand cuts, and the economy crashes, we can see an end of our alliance with the USA and security co-operation. Think only about vital domestic policies and see NATO die.

Keith Punshon

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