Letters - August 1, 2019

What are your views on fracking?
What are your views on fracking?

The lights won’t go out if we don’t frack

Once again we have the usual propaganda in favour of fracking, promoted by and on behalf of big business.

The lights will not go out if we don’t frack. Less than three per cent of our gas comes from Russia. So President Putin can’t turn the supply off. Leaving the EU will not stop supplies from Norway, Holland and Belgium.

In October 2017, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy published the report with the title ‘Gas Security of Supply’.

Looking ahead over the next 20 years, it says (Page 14): “Whilst the government is optimistic about the potential for shale gas in the UK, given the industry is currently in an exploratory stage, it is not yet known how much of the UK shale gas resource will ultimately be recoverable. In order to provide a conservative estimate of supply, supply forecasts used in CEPA (2017), assume no shale contributions in the forecast period.”

The document goes on to say that there will be security of gas supply without shale gas during the forecast period – i.e. up until 2035.

Energy produced by non-fossil fuels already exceeds the energy produced by fossil fuels and is increasing, so that by 2035, the UK’s requirement for gas will be considerably less than it is now.

Fracking requires a grid of well pads, each comprising two hectares, at a density of 10 to every 100 sq.km (38sq.miles) – i.e. one two-hectare drill pad every one and a half to two miles in every direction. It will completely industrialise the countryside and ruin our agricultural and tourist industries – industries which will have to play a key part in our economy post-Brexit.

And as for hydrogen? I was taught that hydrogen can be and is produced by electrolysis of water. Fracked gas is not essential for this.

Paul Andrews

Address supplied


Why are seagulls singled out for hate?

I read in The Gazette (July 22) about pet shootings. It seems 258 pet cats and 73 dogs were deliberately injured or killed with air rifles by humans.

Also the newspaper told how seagulls/gulls are also killed by rifles.

I did read in three newspapers I bought that same day of the story about the ‘dog snatched by seagull’. The incident happened in Devon.

I also looked through The Gazette to find out if people were up in arms about all these pets shot by air rifles.

On the Gazette’s Facebook section, people’s comments were about seagulls and how they hated them here.

So it seems people here only hate seagulls as there was no mention of all the suffering of pet cats and dogs, injured and killed with air rifles by humans. There were no letters in Your Say.

Why should humans get away with such cruelty to the pets and birds?

People using air guns represent a devastated family when pets are injured or killed.

If a seagull/gull steps out of line it makes headline news and people take to social media to write how they hate seagulls/gulls.



Antisemitism is well documented

Royston Jones believes antisemitism is miniscule (Your Say, July 26). Tell this to a Jew who has suffered years of threats, foul abuse and shameful criticism from antisemites in the Labour Party, particularly since Corbyn became leader.

Labour would not be being currently investigated if allegations of antisemitism were not well founded. Neither would whistle blowers have revealed the extent of this foul behaviour among Corbyn and his close colleagues.

Presumably Jones, Labour’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, is inventing stories of female Labour, Jewish MPs being abused.

Corbyn’s antisemitism is well documented. Corbyn is unelectable. He hangs around because his Marxist puppeteers need him in order to exist. Come an election, Labour led by an incompetent Marxist will suffer heavily.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


No wonder we only get day visitors...

Blackpool Council keep telling us that the regeneration will attract more tourism.

In the 1960s Blackpool had two main railway stations (Central and North), two bus stations (Talbot Road and The Coliseum) and an airport and visitors arrived in droves. Nearly 60 years on there is one main railway station, no bus station and no airport.

Blackpool Council is proud of the wonderful tramway system, so much so they do not accept senior passes. The car parking charges are astronomical, so it’s no wonder visitors opt to only come for the day. Is that progress?!

M Priest

via email