Letters - February 8, 2019

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

Hospitals need to fight killer disease

I was very sorry to read the feature on the young mother in The Gazette (February, 2). After giving birth she developed sepsis which was to prove fatal.

When I was young, many years ago, you never heard of this dangerous disease, except very rarely, under the name septicaemia.

Now it seems to be much more common under its new name and the Daily Mail has been running a feature demanding all hospitals to become aware of it.

Only recently they featured an article on a small baby, its parents were convinced it had sepsis symptoms, but none of the hospital staff agreed and the child died.

I couldn’t support the brother of the recent Victoria Hospital petition more, though I would extend it to all possible patients, not just young mothers.

There have been cases of the disease striking after simple pricks from rose thorns, or even sore throats, so its vital the public be aware of dangerous results and to contact their hospital, as early antibiotic treatment could save lives. But, above all, hospitals including our own made be fully aware of it.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore


Jeremy Corbyn is just a puppet

There is a quote from a comedian about politics that really hits the nail on the head.

But before we come to that, I need to say that I am specifically addressing this letter to the many who think Jeremy Corbyn is a radical new leader.

The same thoughts were held about Barack Obama when he rose to power and yet he delivered on zero of his anti-war promises.

As the late great Bill Hicks said: “I like the puppet on the right but the puppet on the left seems to hold the better views. Hey, hang on a moment, it’s the same guy holding both puppets”

Harry Francis

North Shore


Join run and help meningitis fight

We’re encouraging your readers to lace up for the world’s largest half-marathon – the Great North Run – and help the UK’s largest meningitis charity beat the deadly disease.

Meningitis Now wants anyone lucky enough to have secured a place in the ballot to join its Team Tangerine and tread through Tyneside on Sunday September 8 for us. Those unlucky in the ballot can still take part with one of our guaranteed places, for a registration fee of £25 and a fundraising pledge of £300.

Either way, full support will be given for the 13.1-mile challenge. Our runners receive a complimentary technical running vest, a handy information pack with tips on how to prepare and an invite to our post-race reception with refreshments and sports massage.

By running for us you’ll be helping to fight meningitis with every stride and move us one step closer to our vision of a future where no one in the UK dies from meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need.

Last year our runners collectively raised a fantastic £35,315 – we are so proud of you all for taking on this tough yet rewarding challenge. This year we’d like to do even better.

Sadly, meningitis and septicaemia continue to affect thousands of people in the UK and kill more under-5s than any other infectious disease. Help us fight back on all fronts by funding research to eradicate the disease, raising awareness and supporting survivors.

To find out more and sign up email michaelai@meningitisnow.org or call me on 01453 768000.

Michaela Ifill

Events Fundraiser

Meningitis Now


They're squeezing blood out of a stone

It is very mean-spirited of the BBC bosses to abolish the free television license for over 75s.

It is a typical thing the Dickensian miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, would do if he was owner of the BBC.

It is actually a cut in the living standards of the over 75s and a method of squeezing blood out of a stone.

I also think it is disgracefully making a profit at the expense of the elderly.

Shame on the BBC bosses!

Robert Neil Coupe

Address supplied