Letters - July 20, 2019

Should prisoners serve their entire sentences?
Should prisoners serve their entire sentences?

We need to look at prison sentences

Nothing is ever done about lenient sentences – politicians seem frightened of the establishment that has got us into this mess, thus knife crime is out of control.

Why do we tolerate sentences that, on the face of it, seem appropriate but, in reality, will be cut by half after fooling the public into a false sense of security?

It is time to change the law – criminals must serve the full sentences along with knowing it could be extended.

Maximum sentence must be abolished and replaced with minimum sentences which represent public opinion.

Christopher Clapham

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Labour in meltdown ... Corbyn must go

The fact that in order to condemn Corbyn’s handling of antisemitism, 60 Labour Peers had to resort to placing an advertisement in the Guardian illustrates that the Labour Party is in meltdown. It is now dysfunctional.

Nothing will change until Corbyn is removed together with Milne and Murray.

The ghastly McClusky can be left to wither on the vine.

Corbyn continues with his denial tactics despite the record demonstrating his long time antisemitic comments and association with notorious haters of Jews.

A leadership contest is imminent.

Corbyn must go.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Licence letter a waste of cash

Less than a week ago I received a letter from TV licencing telling me that free licences for over-75s will end next May unless I am on Pension Credit, which they know I am.

Today, I got another letter with my free TV licence telling me again of the changes to come and that I will be notified again long before it is due. As a second class post is over 60p and my licence number is over seven million, that’s a possible waste of £4.2million and when they tell me again that’s a possible £6.3 million.

How many lives could we have saved in our health service with this money?

A Hague

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We’ve worked for our free TV licence

It seems to me that those people who had the gumption to find a decent job that pays a pension for old age are losing out again.

Some correspondents seem to think that pensioners who have worked and saved all their lives and claim an additional pension should pay for their TV licence, whereas some of those who had opted for the easy road by claiming pension credit and everything else going may claim all the freebies.

I’m no Judi Dench or a knighted earl – i’m just living on a fixed income. Are there to be no perks at all for the conscientious among us?

Will we be able to claim a refund for the two weeks of wall-to-wall wimbledon we’ve had to suffer? I find it unfair.

Mrs J Green

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I quite to deny HMRC the tax

So the government wants to ban smoking by 2030?

I gave up the filthy habit in 1981 following the Budget. What helped me to quit was a mental image of the beloved Margaret Thatcher with her hand out for 72p a packet.

Today, they cost more than £11.

A quick calculation says I must have saved £200,000 and denied HMRC a small fortune.

D Bond

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Condoning a criminal act

When I was a lad, obstruction of the highway was a crime. And, when I was a lad, the police used to go in mob-handed to enforce the law, clear the highway, and cart those responsible straight off to the magistrates court.

Nowadays, it is still a crime. But you wouldn’t think so, to judge from the statement put out by a police force about a recent ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protest. What they have said is “we have been working with partner agencies... and have a policing operation underway to manage it peacefully”.

But the road is blocked!

The police appear to have no intention of enforcing the law. I hope they realise the implications – to use another phrase from when I was a lad, the police themselves are actively aiding and abetting the continuing commission of crime.

Michael Green

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