Letters - June 29, 2019

Country needs politicians with knowledge of the basics says a reader. See letter from Karl Sheridan
Country needs politicians with knowledge of the basics says a reader. See letter from Karl Sheridan

Politicians have no concept of reality

Never before have I feared for our political system and the future of this country.

However, this is not because of Brexit because I personally feel we’ll be better off out of the EU.

It is our own politics that I find at fault.

I have never understood how, during Cabinet reshuffles, a Minister with no previous qualifications is placed in charge of departments like the NHS, education and transport.

Chris Grayling is a prime example of mismanagement.

If you or I were to apply for these jobs, we would be laughed at for having no experience of the job.

Our politicians have no concept of reality regarding those who fear their energy bill arriving, the increase of fuel tax, costs of child care, the increase in crime, lousy pensions for OAPs etc.

The list is endless, yet those in power blithely adopt initiatives that are downright foolish.

Remember Sir John Major and his promise of ‘getting back to basics’? How I wish this country could get back to basics with politicians who knew the basics!

Karl Sheridan
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A fascinating and worthwhile decade

One thing is for sure - The last decade has been worthwhile and fascinating.

Since becoming an MEP in 2009 it’s been a rollercoaster of an existence and I have enjoyed serving the people of the North West region.

It has been a real honour to represent my constituents.

As the European Parliament does not work In the same way as Westminster, and the real decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats, it is practically impossible to bring about change from within.

I was elected with a mandate to get the UK out of Brussel’s grasp, and while that struggle is still not yet over, I take pride in the fact that we won the 2016 Referendum.

While my term ends at the beginning of July, my determination that Brexit must happen remains as strong as ever and polls show an increasing number of people feel the same.

I wish to thank all of those who have supported me and the battle for Brexit - it has been a real privilege.

Paul Nuttall
North West MEP
Brexit Party

Bias from TV interviewers

I watch the political programmes and news channels with great interest and what is obvious is that they are, with few, if any, exceptions, biased. The interviewers will not allow the person trying to answer a question, often loaded, without being interrupted, using what seems bullying tones and tactics, and never allowing those being questioned to give the answer they are trying to give. Therefore, we learn nothing!

Why are interviewers not castigating the sneaky couple in the flat next door to Boris Johnson, for sullying reputations when they had categorically been told all was well.

No-one is saying they ought not to have rung the police if it was as bad as they made out.

Had it been anyone else other than Boris Johnson, would they have contacted the papers?

What would their reaction have been had the boot been on the other foot?

Is it any wonder Mr Johnson and other politicians, including Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage, would not wish to commit themselves to such treatment and humiliation as being interviewed on TV?

I do not agree with having debates as it is another American import we can well do without.

What would be more useful would be for a set-up (the honest kind), like the Queen’s Christmas broadcast, where they could sit down in front of the TV camera and tell us all that they believe in and their plans for the future and let the public make up their own minds.

Yes, we are intelligent enough to do that without the intervention of news personnel planting the seeds of discontent and personal opinion perpetually onto an undeserving public.

Politicians are thick- skinned, they need to be, but first and foremost they are human beings, with all the foibles of that. Look back at history at the imperfections of many of our great leaders.

Did it affect their ability to do the job? Not a jot!

Christine Cross
via email