Letters - September 7, 2019

There may be claims of record employment but most of the jobs are low-paid says a correspondent. See letter
There may be claims of record employment but most of the jobs are low-paid says a correspondent. See letter

Short-sighted greed  led to this mess

I have heard claims of “record employment”. Sounds good doesn’t it, “record number in work”?

Yet more and more people are relying on foodbanks and housing benefit (now paid via the not so wondrous Universal Credit) and welfare.

The fact is, most of these jobs are low-paid, minimum wage and reliant on welfare, especially for someone in the privately rented sector with unaffordable rents.

Then we hear that exports are down.

We have lost vast swathes of manufacturing - look at the labels on your over-priced, poor quality clothing, often made by exploited women and children offshore. It has made a few extremely wealthy here.

Even the government now sources much of its kit contracts offshore, (where my skilled job vanished to).

In-work poverty is now rife. Our towns and cities are awash with ever more low-paid bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

Try to buy a house on minimum wage.

The countries that are booming are the ones that manufacture.

Short-sighted British business greed has led to this mess but they’ve lined their own pockets.

M Norris

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Failed everywhere... but it’s still the future

The strongest argument against socialism is that it simply didn’t and doesn’t work. In my own lifetime, I’ve seen socialism fail in China, fail in the Soviet Union, fail in Eastern Europe, fail on the island of Cuba, and fail in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas. And now the world is watching it fail in Venezuela. This then is the system that Jeremy Corbyn wishes to inflict on the British people. It beggars belief. A friend of mine was telling me recently that there is a new breakfast cereal on the market, Corbyn Flakes, a nut in every bite.

Peter Glover

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Honouring those making difference

The National Autistic Society wants to find exceptional people, schools and services making a huge difference to autistic children and adults, and their families.

If your readers know anyone like this, please nominate them for our eighth annual Autism Professionals Awards.

It could be an inspirational teacher, a brilliant nurse or doctor, a forward thinking employer or someone who volunteers their time to support others.

We want to celebrate their achievements and share their stories, so we can promote innovative autism practice and inspire other people and organisations to help create a society that works for autistic people.

Find out more about autism and nominate by visiting: autismprofessionalsawards.org.uk

Carol Povey

Director, National Autistic

Society’s Centre for Autism


Most ridiculous position to take

I’m sick and tired of hearing the facile argument that we need to keep a no deal Brexit on the table as a fallback in negotiations, just as any sensible business would do.

This is what they falsely claim as they parrot the message that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Having worked in business and led many negotiations throughout my long career, this argument is disingenuous.

No businessman or woman worth their salt would have a fall back which would seriously damage their own company.

A credible fall back position is one that protects the business, often the status quo, rather than one which would cause the damage which even its supporters recognise that a no deal Brexit clearly entails.

Give me what I want or I’ll shoot myself in the foot is the most ridiculous negotiating position that could possibly be imagined.

David J. Parker

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New lighting on Blackpool Tower

Two hundred and fifty wooden huts (sorry, log cabins) and don’t forget the zip wire, that should pull the punters in, may help of course to fund the two hundred thousand for the new Tower lighting system.

The present one (how old?) seems not fit for purpose, bad weather, winds, Irish Sea, really surprising.

The new lighting LED system installed on the London River Thames Bridges came with a 10-year guarantee, what did we have?

Edward Andrew