Little love lost for Prezzo as another firm hits the buffers

It's a tough time for the high street '“ not least in Blackpool.

Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 10:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 3:00 pm

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Job losses may be on menu as clouds gather around restaurant chain.

So news that Prezzo is expected to close its branch in Blackpool will be met with dismay by leaders desperate to keep the town centre busy after well-documented traffic problems before Christmas.

Branches in St Annes and Poulton are also set to close as the firm announced 94 across the country face the chop.


Prezzo, which is owned by TPG Capital, is just one of several high street retailers facing financial troubles.

Here’s your views

Can understand why they’re going under, they’ve priced themselves out of the market. If their prices were more reasonable they may have had more customers.

- Eddie Young

Little love lost for Prezzo as another firm hits the buffers

What a shame, yet more empty premises and job losses

- Stella Shields

Tried the one in St Annes a couple of times and it was frankly disappointing.

The problem they’ve got is that they try to talk it up into a “Premium Dining Experience” and you actually get poor quality pre-prepared food and poorly-motivated (and probably poorly-paid) staff and little or no atmosphere.


Far better “real” Italian restaurants available locally - Tiggis in St Annes, La Fontana in Blackpool, etc serve better food made freshly with better ingredients and have staff that actually care contributing to an atmosphere and “experience” that’s better in every way.

- Gavin Harrison

Not surprised on the Poulton one.

There’s literally never anyone there. In the evening that location is totally cut off from the rest of the town so there’s no footfall and quite frankly there are much better restaurants to choose from.

Little love lost for Prezzo as another firm hits the buffers

- Deborah Gregson

It’s a shame that people are losing their jobs, but I have to say I have never been a fan of Prezzo in Poulton.

I have tried a few times and as much as the staff their are fab, the food is shocking.

Hope everyone find new jobs though . Plenty of work at start of season.

- Jimbob Marinker

The one in Poulton is lovely but far too overpriced

- Kim Smith

Due to a glitch at another Poulton restaurant, about 20 of us managed to walk straight into Prezzo with no booking at all on a Saturday night at 8pm.

There were two couples in there and nobody else seemed to come in after us. The writing must have been on the wall for a while.

- Chris Riedel

I’ve never had a problem in the St Annes Prezzo. Food has been fantastic every time and a clean, friendly place and always busy.

- Arron Ward

The St Annes one has a lot of floor space to fill, can’t be easy. Plus Allegria, across the road is far superior food wise.

- Jill Shier

Only worth going if you have a voucher and don’t buy any alcoholic drinks as they are overpriced

- Gary Andrews

That’s my grandaughter out of a job

- Katrina Dodd

Never been. Would rather visit an independent small business than a chain.

- Paula Holifield

If only more people supported independent businesses but so many follow like sheep to big companies

- Mickey Jerome