LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Custodia Systems announces partnership with The Camping and Caravanning Club

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Custodia Systems is delighted to announce they've been selected by The Camping and Caravanning Club (a leading provider of member services to the UK leisure industry), to operate Club Secure with their AppelloGEO asset recovery system.

Club Secure is the Member Service responsible for providing a protective tracking service to members and was previously operated by Phantom Ltd. Custodia Systems joins other prominent Club Services including Arrival provided by the RAC, Club Care Insurance and Club Navigation provided by Garmin

Custodia Systems will market the AppelloGEO asset recovery system to almost 600,000 Club members as the official tracking device to protect Caravans and Motorhomes, beating stiff competition from other leading tracking providers.

The unique abilities and service offered by the AppelloGEO, including being able to locate stolen assets indoors as well as outdoors put them at an advantage. Included with members subscriptions is the service to locate stolen leisure vehicles anywhere in Europe using 'on the ground' investigators rather than the usual 'dots on maps' found with GPS (satellite) based systems.

The members insurance service Club Care, have taken the step of announcing an unprecedented 25% discount to Caravan owners for using the AppelloGEO showing their support of the system.

Paul Jones, the Club’s Membership Services Director, commented: “We’re really delighted to be working with a market leading provider like Custodia Systems to ensure our members receive the best service possible to keep their units safe and secure.

Importantly, this is one of only two devices to achieve the coveted Sold Secure Diamond Standard. Its use of powerful RF tracking technology, together with dedicated recovery investigation specialists, gives some very real benefits over traditional satellite based products.”

Peter Thompson, Managing Director of Custodia Systems had this to say: "We immediately recognised the significance of the opportunity to work with such a trusted membership organisation as The Camping and Caravanning Club, when we were invited to participate in the process to select the Club Secure operator. For the next three months, my team and I worked very hard to demonstrate that not only did we have the best product to serve their members, but crucially that our standards of customer service did and could meet those of the Club. Our own organisation is much more about people than technology; we're not your average tracking company and have been providing class leading services since 2004.

Throughout the selection process it was clear that the Club always put the needs and satisfaction of their members above all else and they expected no less from their partners. This only reinforced our determination to be selected and when we received the news at the beginning of January that we had been successful, we were extremely proud and excited about the thought of serving the Club’s members."

The Club Secure pages can be found at and

Media Information

AppelloGEO is the first global tracking system to market dedicated to theft recovery that can locate assets both indoors and out, easily tracked through walls and inside buildings unlike tracking devices based on the global positioning system (GPS) technology. This is crucial in theft, with the vast majority of stolen items stored in an indoor location from a lock-up to a shipping container. The metal alone will stop GPS signals, but in addition thieves have utilised blocking devices that render GPS systems ineffective; the technology developed by AppelloGEO has been specifically designed to combat devices used in a theft with its Stealth Mode.

The AppelloGEO tracking system has its own power supply lasting up to 2 years without recharging (depending on configuration). Fully portable at only 95mm x 18mm, the AppelloGEO can be hidden in the smallest spaces and features weatherproofed casing allowing it to work even in extreme environments.

Accredited to a large number of BS Standards, the AppelloGEO is the only non-GPS unit in the world capable of self-geofencing. Incorporating GSM tracking technology, AppelloGEO features the latest antenna technology incorporating a patented on-board algorithm which raises an alarm to the owner when an asset has moved from a geographical location.

As a corporate partner of Vodafone, AppelloGEO benefits from optimum coverage and mix of 900mHz and 1800 mHz antennas in the UK.

The Homing Beacon technology used by Custodia Systems within the AppelloGEO device is utilised by an investigation team led by John Mussett, a former Police Traffic and Firearms officer to ensure the effective recovery of missing assets. Having real people going out to find the asset makes a significant difference to the success of the operation. They liaise with Police directly to effect recovery and are the customers 'on the ground' representatives.