Lowther darts night off as just 11 advance tickets sold

Terry Jenkins
Terry Jenkins

Lytham’s first-ever theatre darts event has been cancelled because of poor ticket sales.

An exhibition at Lowther Pavilion featuring former world No 4 Terry Jenkins due to take place tonight (Thursday) saw just 11 advance tickets sold.

“We had to make a decision about whether to carry on with it or not and we didn’t think it fair to Terry to keep him hanging on in the hope that there might perhaps be 100 walk-ups on the night,” said Lowther manager Mark Alexander.

“It’s disappointing and I have to say surprising. We are always keen to try 
something different but there just weren’t enough advance ticket sales for the event to go on.”

Jenkins’ agent Alan Loveridge said: “Terry will be disappointed but I suppose it is a sign of the recession – selling tickets is getting more difficult all the time and even when he was at Blackpool Tower a few months ago, there were only 40-odd people there.

“He doesn’t perform at many theatres – he is mainly at pubs and clubs – but we are always keen to try different locations.”