Lucky Lotto town is paved with gold

Lottery players in Blackpool will be trying their luck in the hope of becoming the resort's sixth millionaire in the space of just two years.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 9:38 am
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 10:43 am
Teresa Leahy celebrates Blackpool being named as one of the country's luckiest towns by the National Lottery

The National Lottery confirmed that the FY postcode is officially one of the luckiest in the country, with five millionaires being made in the area in that time.

A further 14 people have won a major cash prize of £50,000 or more – which equates to more than one winner every eight weeks.

Winners who have shared news of their wins recently include Teresa Leahy, 52, who won £303,465 on EuroMillions in January this year and Natalie and Andrew Cunliffe who won £1m on the £100 Million Cash Spectacular Orange Scratchcard from the National Lottery GameStore.

Teresa, who lives at Stanley Park, said: “It is fantastic news to hear that the FY postcode has made The National Lottery’s rich list. Everyone thinks winning the Lottery is something which happens to other people but I am proof that winning can happen to anyone!”

The mum-of-three scooped her grand prize on a lucky dip ticket in February, and used the money to pay off her mortgage and treat her daughters Amber, Sasha and Georgia.

She also jetted off to sunny Dubai and Benidorm for a romantic getaway with her husband Stephen.

She said: “I visited Dubai six years ago and I had always wanted to go back. It’s a beautiful place.

“I enjoyed Benidorm too. It’s just like a little Blackpool!”

Teresa unveiled a lucky sign at the Comedy Carpet on Blackpool Promenade to celebrate the resort’s success yesterday.

She said: “I really hope by unveiling this lucky sign in my home town that it leads to even more luck for the people living in the FY postcode and lots of new winners.”

Natalie and Andrew Cunliffe celebrated their £1m win at the top of the Tower earlier this year – but the identities of the other four seven-figure winners have not been revealed.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor for the National Lottery, said: “The FY postcode is an area which is clearly very lucky for both millionaires and big cash prize winners.

“With an extremely lucrative two years under their Lottery winner belt and a great start to 2016, they now have even more reason to celebrate.”