Marianne puts focus on family behind Lytham Hall

Marianne Blaauboer became so fascinated with the history of Lytham Hall during four years there that she has written a book about its best-known resident.

Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 3:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 3:55 pm
Marianne Blaauboer during her time at Lytham Hall

The former activity plan officer took redundancy during the recent re-organisation at the Hall – but enjoyed her time there so much that she left behind a short biography of John Talbot Clifton, who laid the foundation stone for what would become St Annes in the 1870s.

Proceeds from the glossy publication, being sold at £5, will go to the Friends of the Hall, whose efforts support the Hall and who have in turn made Marianne their first honorary member.

The book coincides with the 150th anniversary this year of the birth of John Talbot Clifton, renowned as an adventurer as well as squire of Lytham Hall up to his death in 1928.

Marianne Blaauboer, former activity plan officer at Lytham Hall, with her book

Marianne said: “Those who come for a tour of Lytham Hall hear plenty of great stories about his life from the fantastic volunteers, but there is so much more to tell than just a tour will allow, and I thought it might be fun for people to take the story home with them.

“Before I came to the Hall, I’d not heard of the Clifton family but on my first tours around the Hall with volunteers, I started hearing more and more fabulous stories about the family, and after I read John Kennedy’s book The Clifton Chronicle I was hooked.

“To me, the history of the inhabitants is what gives a historic house its character and Lytham Hall is quite rare in that it was in the hands of a single family for centuries.

“It makes for a fun read and I hope everyone will enjoy learning a bit more about this wayward son.”

Marianne Blaauboer, former activity plan officer at Lytham Hall, with her book

Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal, chairman of the Friends, said “We are very grateful to Marianne for not only producing this fascinating and entertaining short biography of John Talbot Clifton but also for donating all the proceeds to our charity in support of the Hall.

“This beautifully produced booklet brings to life an important period in the Hall’s history and will further enhance the experience of visiting this Lancashire treasure.”