Memorable win for Imogen, 11

National memory chamption Imogen Sharpe from Lythamn, who attends AKS School.
National memory chamption Imogen Sharpe from Lythamn, who attends AKS School.

A Lytham schoolgirl has earned a national prize she will never forget.

Imogen Sharpe, 11, has become the new national Junior Memory Champion in a nationwide competition 
organised by the Learning Skills Foundation.

The AKS pupil was one of 19 youngsters to qualify for the Championship final at 
London Zoo.

The 19 finalists, who also included Imogen’s AKS Year Six classmate Alex Cowburn, were the top performers out of 10,000 UK-wide entrants, all of who had taken part in a series of online memory tests.

The finalists were put through their paces by the championship’s founder, former World Memory Champion Jonathan Hancock.

Amid fierce competition, Imogen clinched the honours as she memorised 22 digits in a random sequence and 36 words in perfect order – after just five minutes of study.

Imogen, who lives with mum Lorna and brother 
Daniel, 15, in Lytham, said: “There were four tests, numbers, faces, text and words and we had to remember 50 words, 60 numbers, information on the London Underground and 20 faces. For each test we had only five minutes to remember the information. Then our sheets were taken away and we had to write down everything we could remember.

“Before I started the test I was really nervous. As soon as I got started my nerves disappeared. When the tests were over, we had a free tour of London Zoo. It was amazing.”

Imogen was presented with a trophy, book and a certificate whiole all the finalists, included Alex, received certificates.

AKS Junior School teacher Alan Hodgkinson teaches different techniques to pupils to use when remembering lists of random words, numbers, pictures, text and faces.

He said: “This prestigious competition had thousands of entries nationwide and everyone at school is so proud of Imogen and Alex for qualifying for the final.

“That in itself was a massive achievement but our congratulations to Imogen, who went one step further by being crowned the national champion.”