Memory lane trip for golden couple

Alex and Willis Watson return to the Fylde coast
Alex and Willis Watson return to the Fylde coast
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A married couple have made a golden anniversary extra special – by returning to the hotel where they spent their honeymoon.

Alex and Willis Watson, from Hamilton, Scotland, spent last week at the Bedford Hotel in St Annes after making their first visit in 1965.

The original reservation ticket given to the couple 50 years ago

The original reservation ticket given to the couple 50 years ago

The married couple spent their week visiting all corners of Fylde and Wyre with trips into Lytham, Fleetwood and Cleveleys.

Willis said: “It’s been a great week and we couldn’t have been luckier with the sunny weather.

“We have never been to Lytham before and couldn’t believe how beautiful it is.”

Willis, 71, even managed to keep hold of the reservation ticket given to the couple after booking in the hotel 50 years ago.

We love it here in St Annes - everyone is so welcoming

Willis said: “We love it here in St Annes, everyone is so nice and welcoming.

“The staff at the hotel could not have done more for us, we will certainly be back at some point.”

On their first date back in 1959, Alex took Willis to a local dancing club where he paid for entry with a sixpenny piece.

That date was the inspiration behind his present to mark their golden anniversary.

He said: “I didn’t know what to get her for this special celebration but I remembered the sixpenny hop we first went out to.

“I trawled the internet and managed to find a sixpenny piece just like the one I paid to get into the club with.”

Alex, 73, a former superintendent of Strathclyde Police for 30 years, says the key to a long-lasting marriage is trust.

He added: “I call my wife the Chancellor, I used to hand my wages to her and she would look after everything financially.

“If I wanted to nip out for a quick pint when I first started my job she would say no!

“But as long as you have trust in each other then that goes a long way.”

Willis added: “Trust is important but you also need a little sprinkling of love and affection.”

Beverley Stamp, manager of the Bedford Hotel, said: “We are really pleased that Alex and Willis chose to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with us.

“The sun has shone for them and we hope they have enjoyed their re-visit to St Annes and the Bedford Hotel.”