'˜Miracle' twin boys come home at last

The mother of twin boys born three months premature has welcomed her '˜special boys' home at last.

Tuesday, 4th July 2017, 6:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:41 am
Jack Staff and Rosie Sargeant with new born twins Carson (left) and Carter. Pic: MARTIN BOSTOCK

Rosie Sargeant, 20, feared both she and her babies, Cason-Jay and Carter-Jay, would die after giving birth at Blackpool Victoria Hospital on April 27.

The babies weighed just 2lb 5oz and 2lb 10oz at birth, with Carter-Jay being resuscitated by doctors three times to save his life.

Rosie, who lives on Branstree Road, Mereside, with her partner Jack Staff, said: “It was really scary. I honestly thought they were going to die.

“All I can remember after I had given birth is the doctors and nurses dashing about everywhere doing everything to make sure our boys were getting the best care they could.

“All the staff at Blackpool Victoria were amazing. I owe my life to them.”

Rosie first suspected something was wrong when she began to suffer abdominal pain on the night of April 26.

She was taken to A&E, where doctors quickly realised the twins needed to be born, and rushed her in for an emergency caesarian section.

The boys were born at around 5am, each weighing less than a bag of flour.

Rosie said: “I didn’t get to see them until late morning that day. Their skin looked like plastic and they were about the size of a hand.

“They were tiny and bright red.

“They looked like dolls. That’s how tiny they were.”

Now two months old, the twins are receiving regular check-ups at home after spending nine weeks in hospital, spending time in both Blackpool Vic and the Royal Preston Hospital.

Rosie said: “Our little boys are just so strong and determined.

“When they were born they weighed under 3lb they were given very little odds of making it but they now weigh nearly 6lb.

“They have exceeded all expectations placed on them and myself and Jack are just delighted to finally have our special boys home.

“It completes our family.”

Proud dad Jack, 21, said: “We were shocked at first and didn’t know what to expect because of how small they were.

“It is scary, but very exciting.”

Rosie added: “They finally look like normal babies. They look happy and healthy.

“Carson is very laid-back and Carter is very cheeky. He knows that he’ll get his own way. They are little miracles, really.We are just so thankful to our friends and family and more importantly the hospital staff for their support. We would never have coped without them.”