More huts could be on the way...

Stuart Robertson with a display beach hut on St Annes seafront
Stuart Robertson with a display beach hut on St Annes seafront

THE couple behind the return of beach huts to St Annes are considering applying for permission to build more — before the first ones for public use have even been constructed.

Stuart and Zoe Robertson have been delighted with the public response to the show hut which has been sited on the resort’s seafront and are hopeful that the first five huts will be ready for use by the end of next month, with at least as many to follow by the end of September.

They already have permission from Fylde Council to site a total of 45 huts at three different sites on the seafront, but are so pleased at the reaction from potenial buyers that they are considering asking for permission to locate 30 more on the Promenade.

“Reaction to the show hut has been tremendous — people love it,” said Stuart, who hopes to keep it sited on the seafront for some time yet, by which time the initial five huts will be available for use.

While the show hut was built on site, the huts to follow will arrive ready-built and be lowered into place from a crane — and contrary to initial indications, they will be on the Promenade, up against the seaward side of the Mini-Links golf course.

Stuart said: “That is the site we will concentrate on initially and we already feel that they would look better as quite a few in a row rather than just a small number, so we might well ask for permission to site 30 more there.

“We currently have permission to build 15 at each of three sites, including next to the pier and by the boating pool but that doesn’t mean to say we will build that many in each of those locations,

“There are factors such as the connection to power to consider and the exact location details are still changing, subject to the planning permission, as we decide how best to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.”

More than 300 people have registered interest in the huts, which will be available for sale at £36,000 plus VAT, and also at a daily rental rate of £45.

They will have power but no running water and will come complete with a kitchen, table, bench seat and cupboard.

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