More sewer woes prompt diversions

Road closed for sewer work, Frobisher Drive, St Annes
Road closed for sewer work, Frobisher Drive, St Annes
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Sewer problems continue to plague St Annes, with two more roads closed this week as engineers from United Utilities were called in to carry out emergency repairs.

Residents have had to follow diversions around Frobisher Drive after it was closed at its junction with Ramsey Close following a sewer collapse.

Road closed for sewer work, Church Road, St Annes

Road closed for sewer work, Church Road, St Annes

UU, who are responsible for the sewers, are confident it will open again tomorrow.

And there is better news than expected in Church Road after two major bus routes as well as motorists on the key route between St Annes and Ansdell had to be diverted this week after a defect was reported in the road.

Experts from UU diagnosed the problem was not an actually sewer collapse but the pipework immediately under the road required a relatively minor repair.

After initial projections the road would be closed until next Tuesday, the hope is that it will again be fully open to traffic ahead of schedule on Thursday.

The latest incidents come hot on the heels of Cavendish Road being closed for three weeks.

That closure in turn came less than six months after nearby Clifton Drive North was partly closed to traffic and in the last 18 months, sewer collapses have occurred in a wide variety of locations around town, including St Thomas Road, St Andrew’s Road South, Hove Road and two in the space of just three months in the busy shopping area of St David’s Road North.

But an underground probe by UU engineers revealed no direct link and the company has said the incidents have been ‘an unfortunate coincidence’.

UU spokesman John Martin said “We’re very sorry to our customers whose daily routine has been affected.

“We currently have a team on site at Frobisher Drive 
repairing a collapsed sewer.

“We aim to have that road back open on Friday, February 28.

“As far as Church Road is concerned, we have been and completed a minor repair on the sewer.

“We’re in the process of reinstating the area we’ve dug up and we should be packed up and completely gone by the end of the week.”

Church Road, which runs between St Annes Parish Church and Blackpool Road at Ansdell, has been closed since Monday and has meant the No 11 and 68 bus routes, which run every 15 minutes during the day, being diverted via Clifton Drive South and St Thomas Road.