‘Moronic’ yobs in tree damage

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Selfish yobs have snapped two town centre trees within days of planting.

Fylde Council workmen planted a £400 palm and a £300 maple in St Annes Square late last week.

Within two days they had both been snapped in two.

Adam Nagy, Fylde Council operations supervisor called the actions of the individuals responsible “moronic”.

He said: “This is very frustrating for residents and traders.

“These trees were bigger than the average sapling – the maple was about 15ft tall – and they represent the latest step in upgrading the area in readiness for the summer’s visitors.

“This sort of behaviour really is moronic.

“We’ve reported both incidents to the police. Fortunately, we believe that the hooligans may have been caught on CCTV and the police have said they will study the films with interest.

“We urge anyone who may have seen anything to let the police know.

“This is a waste of £700 of scarce council tax money as well as detracting from efforts to improve the town. This really does have to stop.”

Both trees were in the vicinity of Barclays bank.