MP backs new bill over NHS ‘privatisation’

MP Gordon Marsden
MP Gordon Marsden
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Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden has backed a Private Members Bill by Labour’s Clive Efford to stop the Government from ‘putting privatisation before patient care in the NHS.’

The bill was cleared for its second reading and aims to set tough controls on privatisation and scrap competition framework.

Mr Marsden said: “Under this Tory-led Government, the NHS in Blackpool has never been more under threat.

“They have wasted £3bn on an unnecessary and damaging top down reorganisation of our health service and now NHS hospitals are spending in excess of £20m a year navigating the Government’s new competition laws.

“I have constantly pressed them with detailed questions about the private elements of the NHS here in Blackpool and I will continue to do so. I had no hesitation about voting in favour of this bill and will continue to make sure patients in Blackpool are always put first and before profit.”

Mr Marsden also recently held a public meeting on the future of the NHS at St Paul’s Church in Marton with a panel of health stakeholders.

Many questions and concerns were raised from the increased waiting times in A&E departments, the fragmentation of services and staffing levels in the health service.

Gordon said: “We had a good discussion about the future of our Health Service and Labour’s plans for the NHS were completely welcomed. With our “Time to Care” package we would invest £2.5 billion by recruiting more doctors and nurses, and also guarantee people a GP appointment within 48 hours.

“This Tory-led Government hasn’t just destabilised our NHS, they’re holding it back from the challenges of the 21st Century as well. Many of my constituents who contacted me about today’s Bill will be pleased that it has passed its first reading, and we now can move forward to ending the creep towards the privatisation of our Health Service and once again put patients back at the heart of the NHS.”