MP signs up to take part in dementia research

Fylde MP Mark Menzies
Fylde MP Mark Menzies
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An MP has signed up to a pioneering research project which aims to find a cure for dementia.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies registered for the scheme after meeting members of the Join Dementia Research project in Lytham.

As part of the study, Mr Menzies will be assessed every one or two years with memory and thinking tasks.

It is hoped the findings will provide important information about what happens in the brain during normal ageing. Some volunteers have also signed up to leave the brains to medical research after death.

Scientists hope to use the information to find out new treatments, earlier diagnosis and eventually a cure for dementia.

The Join Dementia Research morning at Holland House Surgery saw representatives from Lancashire Care Trust meet patients and members of the public to discuss how they could help towards the search for better treatments and the ultimate aim of putting an end to the disease.

During the event, Mr Menzies spoke to medical researcher Dan Pulford and consultant psychiatrist Dr Mark Worthington, from Lytham’s Greenlands Memory Clinic, about the work they do for people with dementia.

The MP signed up for the research programme 
after discussions with the team.

Mr Menzies said: “Dementia care is extremely important to me and I know how vital research to find new medication is if we are to tackle this disease in the long term.

“I would encourage everyone to join me in signing up for the Join Dementia Research programme to help save countless lives and end the suffering of millions.”

• To find out more, visit or call the Dementia Research Infoline on 0300 111 5 111.