MPs clash over age of retirement changes

Fleetwood MP Cat Smith clashed with Secretary of State for Pensions Iain Duncan Smith over the increase in pension age for women.

Friday, 4th March 2016, 10:30 am
Cat Smith

In Parliament, she said: “There are 2.6 million women who feel that they have not been given enough notice of changes to their pensions. I implore the Secretary of State to be straight with young people about the fact those born in areas of low life expectancy will be dead before they receive a pension.”

He replied: “I am not sure that the hon. lady came into politics to decide that the future for people is so bleak that nothing can be done. Our role is to make the changes necessary to improve people’s life chances and lengthen their life expectancy, so they may enjoy the fruits of that life expectancy, having worked hard.”