Neighbours are rocked by early building work

Lorries have been causing problems for residents in Richmond Avenue, Wrea Green
Lorries have been causing problems for residents in Richmond Avenue, Wrea Green
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Neighbours have slammed “utterly ridiculous” building work which they claim has rocked their quiet rural cul-de-sac.

Residents in Richmond Avenue, Wrea Green, have faced an ongoing battle against what they say is the constant drone of delivery trucks working on a nearby 55 home development.

But tensions reached their peak last week when residents were woken by a lorry delivering turf to the site at 5.50am.

Liz Rugman, who lives on the street, said: “This is utterly ridiculous. I believe it woke up most of Richmond Avenue and none of us could get back to sleep after.

“It’s very disturbing.”

Despite reassurances from developer Wainhomes, whose representatives met with Fylde Council planning chiefs after complaints about disruption back in May, neighbours claim their lives are still being made a misery by the 

Mrs Rugman added: “We’re in a bad way really.

“We feels there’s a total lack of consideration for the peace and welfare of the neighbourhood.

“An awful lot of people are feeling very distressed at what’s going on.

“It’s the severe impact of a stream of heavy lorries and they’re queuing now to gain entrance to the site.

“People are being blocked in and have to ask the lorries to move.”

There is a single entrance to the building site, which involves the vehicles negotiating Richmond Avenue’s narrow twists and turns.

Coun Janet Wardell, chairman of Ribby with Wrea Parish Council, said: “It’s not a nice situation at all.

“We’ve had complaints from one or two ladies who can’t open their windows because of the amount of dust.

“It’s quite nasty but we’re doing what we can.”

Wainhomes has offered to sponsor two flower tubs in the village by way of recompense.

However, the parish council has not yet decided whether to accept the offer.

No one from the developer was available for comment.