New group to help transition

St Annes Town Hall
St Annes Town Hall
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Fylde Council has established a new cross-party working group to develop proposals for next year’s switch from a cabinet to a committee-based system.

Residents voted by 58 per cent to 42 per cent in a referendum in May to replace the current cabinet system with a system of committees.

Council leader David Eaves

Council leader David Eaves

Committee-based systems were the norm in local government until the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Each council, however, ran them differently – and Fylde Council’s new cross-party Governance Working Group must consider the issues before reporting its conclusions in mid-September.

Coun David Eaves, Fylde Council leader, said: “Councillors of all parties will be represented on the new committees in proportion to how successful they are in winning seats in next May’s council election.

“We also have to look at wider matters such as setting the annual budget and how this will operate in the context of a committee system.

“Other issues, for example, include terms of reference of the new committees and numbers of councillors serving on committees. These are procedural and constitutional matters that have to be worked through.

“The most important challenge for us is to get a balanced, fair and efficient system in place before its introduction in May 2015 – and one that can be supported by all the parties on the council.”

Coun Eaves added he would welcome views from residents and organisations on the move.

The members of the group are Councillors Tim Armit, Karen Buckley, David Chedd, John Davies, Charles Duffy, David Eaves, Sue Fazackerley, Howard Henshaw, Liz Oades and John Singleton.