New limit signs appear – and cause some confusion

Tony Ford with different speed road signs at Bentinck Road, St Annes
Tony Ford with different speed road signs at Bentinck Road, St Annes
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The first 20mph signs have gone up in St Annes – but residents are going to have to wait a few weeks yet before they start to appear in the vast majority of the town.

Signs erected since the turn of the year on streets connecting Clifton Drive North and South with the promenade represent the end of the third phase of the lower limits being introduced across Fylde as part of a £9.2m county-wide road safety measure.

Most of Lytham and rural Fylde already have the signs in place and, according to a county council spokesman, the fourth and final phase will see the limits introduced in remaining residential areas of St Annes as well as the Saltcotes area of Lytham from the early part of next month.

St Annes Mayor Coun Viv Willder said: “We welcome the 20mph speed limits as a road safety measure but there are greater priorities than many of the streets where the signs have gone up so far, and we keenly await them appearing in the rest of the town, particularly in the problem areas we have highlighted, very soon.”

Signs newly installed at the junction of Bentinck Road with Clifton Drive North have already caused confusion, with different speeds show on either side of the street, as highlighted here by local Fylde ward councillor Tony Ford,

He said: “While I agree with 20mph around schools, I find the blanket coverage a bit of a nonsense. Bentinck Road isn’t really long enough to get up to 20mph.”

Paul Binks, road and transport safety manager, said that the incorrect sign would be replaced and added “While we do our very best to ensure there are no inconsistencies once the 20mph schemes are in place, it is a very large programme of work and we’re grateful to people for reporting any problems.”