New set of eyes in the sky

Coun Cheryl Little (below) and Arnold Sumner have welcomed the upgrade of Fylde's mobile CCTV cameras.
Coun Cheryl Little (below) and Arnold Sumner have welcomed the upgrade of Fylde's mobile CCTV cameras.
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A new £80,000 scheme to replace all of Fylde Council’s mobile CCTV cameras has been approved.

The rapid deployment cameras can be mounted on poles at 30 locations across Fylde to deter and identify troublemakers at crime hotspots.

Coun Cheryl Little

Coun Cheryl Little

Coun Cheryl Little, Fylde Council cabinet member for social wellbeing, said: “These cameras form a vital deterrent against criminals.

“Although we are already the second safest place in Lancashire the work must continue.

“We are addressing residents’ concerns and making a priority of ensuring people feel safe on the streets. These cameras will give that reassurance across Fylde.

“The new cameras will be more reliable and therefore more cost-effective.

“Not all the locations of the camera poles are crime hotspots – these hotspots tend to move over time but we believe we’ve got most of them covered.

“Some of the areas covered have been known for anti-social behaviour. Others cover car parks – we will monitor wherever crime rears its head to give residents reassurance and confidence.”

Work to replace the existing cameras will start next year.

A network of fixed CCTV cameras are also found in St Annes and Kirkham, while three permanent cameras were deployed in the centre of Lytham last year after a spate of jewellery raids.

Arnold Sumner, co-ordinator of the St Annes Chamber of Trade, said: “It is good news.

“The more cameras that we have the better and I was talking to sombeody only yesterday morning who was saying he always feels safer as he walks round a town centre where there are mobile CCTV cameras.

“This is quite a big issue and we want to be assured that they’re going to be placed in areas where the most crime is going on.

“There is a concern about the level of crime in all our town centres throughout the land, particularly at this time of year when we’re building up to Christmas because us get a spike in crime.”

Two mobile CCTV vans also work throughout the borough.

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