Night time crowds need new taxi ranks

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Taxi ranks in Lytham are set to be moved in order to accommodate an increase in night-time revellers in the town.

The existing taxi rank on Henry Street, Lytham, has become the busiest stand in the borough.

An increase in the popularity of licensed premises on Henry Street has led to concerns the existing rank cannot cater for sufficient vehicles to serve the night time crowds.

Taxis and cars parking on the street cannot both be accommodated, leading to problems including double parking and the obstruction of Dicconson Terrace.

It is proposed that a new rank on the south side of 
Henry Street will be set up with a further rank on the west side of Dicconson Terrace.

The existing ranks on Park Street and the north side of Henry Street would be removed.

Lancashire County Council had accepted the recommendations for the new rank but, due to a submitted objection, an additional report now needs to be completed.

Coun Cheryl Little, who is behind the proposal, said: “I have listened to the objections raised but I feel moving the rank will help move the night time crowd on much better.”

Steve Norris, manager of the Taps pub in Henry Street attended a PubWatch meeting which discussed the plans for the new ranks.

He said: “We have no problems with the current set-up as it has not affected business for me at all.

“I think the bars and restaurants that are open beyond midnight are the places affected.”

Dan Palmer, manager of Henry’s Bar and Grill spoke of a few problems he has witnessed on the street.

He said: “I have seen a few arguments between car owners and taxi drivers.”

The problem is thought to be car parking spaces that are used as a taxi rank from 6pm.

Mr Palmer added: “People may arrive here at 5.30pm and use the spaces provided without knowing that at 6pm the space turns into a taxi rank.”