‘No need for apology’ for councillor’s “insult”

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A councillor was today defiant after she was reprimanded by the mayor as she defended a party colleague.

Coun Brenda Ackers spoke up in support of fellow Tory councillor Tim Ashton, who had been accused of insulting, online commentator Fred Moor, at a previous council meeting.

Coun Ackers claimed Mr Moor was on a “one-man mission to destroy all the hard work done by this high-performing council”, before being asked to sit down by Mayor of Fylde, Coun Linda Nulty, who chaired Monday’s meeting.

Coun Ackers, who was greeted with heckles of “sit down, shut up” from the opposition benches during her speech, said: “Coun Ashton has for years been subjected to insults from this opinionated man.”

Rebuking her, Coun Nulty replied: “I don’t want any more disrespectful remarks.

“When the mayor stands, the councillor sits down.”

The supposed offending

remarks had been made by Coun Ashton at a meeting on March 5 this year.

The call for him to apologise had been put forward in a motion by Coun John

Davies, from the Fylde Ratepayers.

Coun Davies told the meeting: “I am absolutely appalled at Coun Ackers’s vitriolic outburst. I don’t understand how she can defend what Coun Ashton said.

“The recipient might not be number one on his Christmas list but I don’t think that gives you the right to insult him.”

An amended motion put forward by council leader Coun David Eaves proposing the council did not comment on the matter was passed after a lengthy debate.

Speaking to The Gazette after the meeting, Coun Ackers said: “I don’t know why the mayor interrupted me because nothing that I said was in any way objectionable.

“It was a properly rational explanation at the annoyance felt by Coun Ashton.”

Coun Ashton said: “Apparently it was a minor infringement about something I said in a council meeting.

“I’m not apologising, it was investigated and it was decided no action should be taken.

“Common sense has prevailed on this one, as far as I’m concerned that issue is finished.”

Mr Moor has declined to comment on the issue.