Noise fear from pub

The Birley Arms'Wesham
The Birley Arms'Wesham
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ANGRY residents living close to a country pub are fighting its plans to use a marquee for music events that could go on into the early hours.

The Birley Arms, Bryning Lane, Warton, is seeking licensing permission from the council on Monday.

One objecting resident, Christopher Hackett, complained folk were not given adequate notice and that the date of the licensing meeting had been changed.

He added: “Over the past number of years we have had to endure a large number of events staged in a marquee or the beer garden on the same site. In each instance the noise has been disturbingly loud until the early hours of the morning.”

The Villa, Wrea Green, has just received a noise abatement notice by Fylde Council after allowing a live band to perform in a temporary marquee, breaking the terms of its licence.

A council spokesperson said: “We have met all the obligations of the Licensing Act and done extra.

“People had 28 days to object but we received no objections in that timescale.

“There has however been one objection from the council’s own planning department on the grounds of the proposed location of the marquee at the front of the building.

“However, the licensing committee will consider all the facts. There will be no decision from officers and members will meet on Monday to make a decision.”