Officers abused by mob in town park

Crime news
Crime news
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Police community support officers (PCSOs) had to radio for back-up when they were confronted by a group of about 40 young men in a park a court heard.

Two of the men were verbally abusive towards the PCSOs, and when attempts were made to arrest them, the group became even more angry.

Pam Smith, prosecuting the pair at Blackpool Magistrates Court, said: “As one of the group was being arrested, the PCSO said another member of the group shouted... ‘get the copper’.”

Before the court were Grant Hunter, 18, of Woodridge Avenue, Norbreck, and Kieron Ralston, 19, of Boundary Court, Layton.

They both admitted breaching the peace during the incident at East Pines Park at 7.45 pm on Tuesday.

The duo were each bound over to keep the peace for a year in the sum of £250.