One limit for one side...

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So what’s the speed limit on this road then?

As if the introduction of 20mph restrictions in various parts of Fylde haven’t sparked enough debate, drivers turning into Grosvenor Street from East Beach have been left scratching their heads as to which limit to follow.

Is it 30, as was the case until earlier this year, or 20, as on most residential roads across Lytham and in rural Fylde under the controversial new limits introduced by Lancashire County Council?

One driver said: “It’s not so much confusing as comical.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Fylde, said: “These signs are intended to indicate the change of speed limit from 30mph on East Beach to 20mph on Grosvenor Street and it appears that someone has turned one of the sign plates around.

“Now we’re aware of it we’ll get it corrected and make sure the plate is secure. I’d ask people to report anything like this to the highways office as we rely on the public as well as our inspectors to notify us of any problems.”