Open Golf art legacy Dream

The Dream Project in St Helens
The Dream Project in St Helens
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A STRATEGY for presenting the borough’s artistic talent – perhaps mixing contemporary and traditional – in the run up to next year’s Open Golf Championship at Royal Lytham has been launched.

Invited guests from various organisations in Fylde gathered at Lytham Hall for a brainstorming session about just what could be served up as the eyes of the world looked upon Lytham and St Annes and the surrounding area for the prestigious four-day tournament in July 2012.

Large, small, existing projects and additional schemes were all discussed at the Open for the Arts event on Monday evening, organised by Fylde Council.

Paul Drinnan, the council’s head or regeneration and tourism, stressed the strategy was not aimed solely at the Open Championship, but that the intention was to lay foundations to attract visitors for years after the golf had gone.

“It’s not just about the event, it’s a legacy,” he said. “People come to the area, like what they see and tell people about it.”

In a presentation by Paul Kelly, Lancashire County Council’s arts development manager, guests were told how ideas could reflect upon the unique environment and heritage of the area; draw in the talent of Lancashire; have ambition and quality; be scaled up or down; engage with local people and add value to visitors and local people.

Three areas were suggested:

n Lytham Performs – including showcasing local music and performance and animating key places such as squares.

n Our Heritage – for example creating CDs for local hotels with guests taking them away with them, and animating Lytham Hall.

n Public Art Programme – such as the Dream Project in St Helens.

Darren Bell, the council’s leisure services manager, said: “I think we need to look at what we do already and share it with everybody.”

Mr Kelly said: “We have set £10,000 aside to start the process.

“We have a good relationship with the Arts Council and are confident they will significantly contribute with us.”