Give us a new Blackpool Airport or we'll boot you out of power

Re Facebook comments in the Gazette (Your Say, August 28).

Thursday, 30th August 2018, 6:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th August 2018, 6:16 pm
Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone

I suggest when it is time for the local elections and because they do not listen to public opinions, we firstly obtain a list of the councillors who are in favour of getting the airport up and running again like it was in 2014, with 235,000 passengers passing through on several flights per day .

Then we obtain a list of the councillors who seem to be against the up and running of the airport. I suggest we boot those lot out and vote in fresh blood who will listen to what the public really want.

What is needed is a new departure lounge building like the one that we had before until some comedians decided to demolish it. It served us well with all the jet 2 flights that were available and gave us a first class service.

With a new manager now installed who has got Carlisle airport up and running again let us just hope that he can knock some sense into this council and attempt to put Blackpool International Airport back to what it was before.

Surely the current government who support local regional airports could come up with some funding.

Manchester airport is so busy and chaotic with long queues waiting to pass through passport control etc.

Liverpool airport is thriving, as a lot of Fylde coast and Lancashire and Cumbria customers now use it, but that now is getting busier. So councillors, come on! Never mind the tramway system that nobody seems to want... once and for all please do listen to what public opinion wants .

Mr G Rutter

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