Letters - April 05, 2018

I have nothing but respect for Mr Mayor

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 12:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 1:01 pm
Blackpool Mayor Coun Ian Coleman

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Letters - April 04, 2018

Nobody, but nobody, has worked harder for this town than this man.

He has raised so much money for the Royal British Legion over many years and has been a champion of many causes.

Unfortunately the ‘snowflake’ generation win again and we are now becoming a bland society which seems to be offended by the slightest remark that does not seem to comply with the timid and cowardly generation that we are becoming.

I sincerely hope Coun Coleman does stand in the next election as an Independent, and I for one will be casting my vote for him, as I am now getting sick to my teeth of the so-called ‘politically correct’ wimps who now cry and whine at the least little thing that has been said.

My message to all of those who called for his resignation is simple – grow up.

All these ‘snowflakes; should all get a life and show some respect to a man who has done nothing but good for Blackpool.

Jimmy Nairn

Reads Avenue



The future looks bleak for seagulls

During the first few months of the year, we never heard anything about seagulls in press.

Come the run-up to Easter and on March 19 we see a headline in Gazette reading ‘They are monsters’ plus a vicious looking head of a gull attached to article.

Words like monsters, dangerous, menace, vermin, cull etc used to describe birds. I am sorry people had a run-in with seagulls but this could have been prevented.

Last year, people wrote into the Gazette for a feeding programme for seagulls to be set up. I wrote eight letters myself. Nothing changed.

The birds’ habitats had been destroyed and there was a food shortage. The only reply was to hear that Wyre Council will be be putting in place PSPOs to stop people feeding birds.

Fines of £100 and seagull patrollers.

Well, it’s been a hard winter for humans and wildlife, and I continue to see seagulls looking for food in car parks of food stores, on busy roads, in bins etc.

If there was enough food and shelter (nesting sites) the birds would not need to encroach on our space.

Peter Rock, Europe’s leading authority on gulls, said they are not thugs, they will do whatever they can to avoid physical contact.

He studied 8,000 birds and ringed them. Gulls are misunderstood.

I have had an interest in victims of crime for 30 years and still have.

I would like to ask the Gazette when they will write about criminals who attack, rob, burgle, and vandalise instead of picking on defenceless birds.

I hope the gulls will fly away from the Fylde coast to a happier place, as the future for these birds is starvation and culling.

Pat O’Connor

Portland Road



Time to demand a change on the EU

Only a year is now left until the official moment of Britain’s departure from the EU.

For those who expect Britain to enter a new era of growth and prosperity the troubling reality is that every scenario so far predicts that being outside of the EU will not strengthen Britain’s place in the world, it will weaken it.

The countries waiting to deal with us will adopt a modus operandi of aggressive nationalism intending to strip of us every last penny.

This is capitalism, not tiddlywinks. It would be like stepping off a plank into a sea full of circling sharks.

Neither parliament nor anyone else should be duped into thinking that the only available deal is the one that Theresa May offers.

Time is running out. Now is the moment to demand a change of course before it is too late.

John Prance

via email


League is having a Mac attack

The English Football League is considering taking action against the owner of Accrington Stanley.

To celebrate their sixth win on the trot, he treated the players to a McDonalds meal.

Apparently if they win he pays, if they lose they pay for their own.

Unbelievably, he is being investigated for breaching the rules on bonuses.

Glad to see that the football authorities have their priorities right.

John Adam

Washington Court