Letters - December 14, 2018

I do not understand why people cannot accept what a democratic majority means. We voted to leave and that is what the majority of the people in the UK wanted.

Friday, 14th December 2018, 5:19 pm
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 5:27 pm
The time for talking is over

Why is there all this talk either of a second referendum or a people’s vote. We have voted and that was to leave, and that is what we should do.

If the EU doesn’t want to be sensible and come up with a trade deal without strings attached, so be it, we will go to World Trade Organization (WTO) under whose rules we trade with everyone.

All this talk once again of project fear trying to divide the public, when the vast majority of the British public won’t be affected in any way. OK things may be rocky at first, but we will ride it out as we as a country have done on many occasion in the past.

Whatever political party you support it’s of no consequence, the majority of the house of commons think this is a bad deal, along with, of all people, President Trump.

I would say to the Prime minister, forget the vote just carry on with a no deal and we will sorting ourselves out and trade with whoever we want.

We are not trying to fall out with the EU, we would just prefer to govern ourselves with our own rules.

Cliff Fazackerley

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Linking up town for better future

Most people, me included, seem to agree that the tram track extension from the Prom to just in front of Blackpool North is a white elephant whose legacy will be not to improve public transport but to clog up the town centre roads even more - and kill off a few more shops into the bargain.

But it’s not too late to create a better future with our tram line. It seems obvious to me that the track needs to be extended down to St Annes and to Lytham.

We should start construction once the M55 link road is built.

Also, why not use this opportunity to reopen the rail link to Fleetwood - using the tram network?!

And unlike in Blackpool, the track could be built to run right into the stations. This will be a big boost to those towns and a help to passengers travelling on to Preston and Wigan.

Nathan Skelly

North Shore

Soon they’ll change the rules

An earthquake a day keeps the trackers away! Well, 24 hours anyway...

With a record number of earthquakes from fracking, Cuadrilla have had to stop for 24 hours.

But don’t worry soon the government will change the regulations so they won’t have to stop drilling for climate changing, groundwater polluting, only for real earthquakes.

Happy days...

simon hunter

Via email

Inspiring stuff out in the jungle

Isn’t ‘I’m a Celebrity’, concrete proof that, even with the ‘bare necessities of life’, we can have a ‘wonderful world’?

For me, it’s been the most entertaining, and honest ‘Celebrity Jungle’ to date.

However, as deserving as ‘Arry Redknapp is, my king - for his message: “support veterans, support the police, support the NHS, support the emergency services. They all do amazing jobs, and have it a lot harder, on a day-to-day basis, than we’ve had it in here”, is Nick Knowles.

My queen? Fleur East, for her “laughter is the best medicine” spirit.

Here’s to a wonderful (green and pleasant) future for the next generation!

Allan Ramsay

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Prime Minister has habit of u-turns

I have noted that Mrs May, our respected Prime Minister, has developed a habit of doing handbrake U turns.

First, early last year she was certainly not going to call an early general election. Then she did.

Last week and over the weekend she was adamant that the vote on her deal would go ahead in the Commons. Then she has cancelled the vote.

For months now Mrs May has asserted that a ‘People’s Vote’ would never take place on her watch.

Does that make a People’s Vote a racing certainty?

I hope so.

John Cole

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