Letters - March 9, 2019

May knows services need proper funding

Saturday, 9th March 2019, 8:00 am
The Government is neglecting the most vulnerable, says Jack Croysdill

Vulnerable people across England rely on social care to live a life of dignity. However, they are struggling to get the care they need to live an independent life.

This government are not making this easy. I understand care home costs are steadily increasing and many people who need care are left waiting.

his can only be described as neglect of the vulnerable in our society.

What are Mrs May and her Tory government doing about it?

The Prime Minister proclaimed austerity was over many months ago... but words are cheap.

When Mrs May announced plans for social care in 2017 the media response was huge. Like many of Mrs May’s plans the result is that ‘nothing seems to happen’. However, vulnerable people are not just a statistic they are very real people who need action, not platitudes.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister has promised funding for local councils without mentioning specifically social care. Will this extra funding make up for the huge cuts she has already imposed on the public sector over the past few years?

This Tory government despite what they say is neglecting public services. This includes our police, who have had cuts which have affected police numbers.

Mrs May’s latest ramblings are truly beyond belief, she is quoted as stating that the rise in knife crime has nothing to do with having fewer police on our streets!

On television and in the press police chiefs have indicated they do not agree with her assessment of this very worrying situation. Does she not realise that good services need funding properly to be good? Of course she does... but she ignores the facts.

She gave tax cuts to the wealthy which makes it very obvious where and what her priorities are.

Jack Croysdill.

Blackpool North & Cleveleys Labour Party


Bloated Lords stick their oar into Brexit

The bloated House of Lords has struck again, confirming once more that it is not fit for purpose.

How dare this unelected lot vote to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU? The majority in this country opted to leave the EU and that includes leaving the customs union which prevents us making our own trade deals.

The Commons has already rejected such a proposal but here we go with the Peers sticking their unwanted oar in so bringing it back before the Lower House.

As if Theresa May doesn’t have enough of a battle on her hands with MPs of all political persuasions without this.

Paul Nuttall

North West MEP

(Brexit Party)


Making better places to walk

At the Ramblers, we not only love a good walk in the countryside, we believe it’s vital that the places where we all live are great for walking too.

Making it easy to walk everyday local journeys not only helps us live more active, healthier lives, it could also help to tackle some of society’s biggest problems like growing levels of obesity, social isolation, congestion and air pollution.

With our Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award, we are searching for the places that put pedestrians first and make every day walking a joy for the whole community, with safe, accessible routes to shops and services and well-cared for parks and green spaces.

If this sounds like your neighbourhood, make sure you nominate it before the deadline on March 17: www.ramblers.org.uk/nominate.

Tompion Platt

Director of Advocacy &

Engagement, The Ramblers


Put moratorium on the frackers

Following on from legal decisions concerning the illegality of Government action in forcing fracking on unwilling communities like the Fylde, I am ever so pleased to receive this statement via Freedom of Information that Lancashire County Council are not investors in the oil and gas or fossil fuel industry.

What an amazing few days!

In reality we now need a moratorium placed on the English fracking industry until it can be formally closed down permanently.

Peter K Roberts