Parking spaces are too small nowadays

I am writing with regard to the apparent growing size of cars and the shrinking size of parking spaces.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 4:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 4:38 pm
Have you noticed parking spaces getting smaller?

I feel we need to focus on the people in power who decide how large ‘standard’ car parking spaces are and also on the motor company manufacturers who design these larger vehicles.

We are all victims of their practices.

It’s all about maximizing profit - from the popularity of marketing and selling larger vehicles, to the owner of the car park who plans out the spaces to fit in and park the greatest number of vehicles who pay to park there.

I am an elderly person of enforced early retirement due to mobility issues, arthritis and knee replacement. But because I still keep going, I’m not entitled to a blue disabled badge, as the rules have been tightened up.

I regularly have to try to seek a parking space at the end of a line, so I have sufficient space to open my driver’s door. Failing that, I park my passenger side on the line of a space to give me as much space available on my driver’s side. However, I’ve sometimes arrived back to my car with another motorist parked so close to my driver’s side that I’m unable to open my door or squeeze myself in. I have to resort to asking for the assistance of a younger member of the public to climb over from my passenger side and kindly reverse my car out of the tight space so I can leave the car park.

Why don’t they bring in a ruling that if a parking space is below a minimum width, the owner of the car park is liable for any damage to those vehicles struggling to use the small spaces?!

Also, have wider spaces for larger vehicles, but give parking wardens the powers to ticket a small car for using the space unnecessarily.

I also feel the time has come for vehicle manufacturing to design sliding doors as a standard, because everyone is appearing to overlook the fact that, you require space to open a door.


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