Parents are in uproar after swimming instructor axed

Dalmeny Hotel, St Annes
Dalmeny Hotel, St Annes
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Parents and grandparents have spoken of their anger after a popular swimming teacher has had her lessons axed after 16 years.

Pam Gregson, 59, taught children how to swim at the Dalmeny Hotel in St Annes but was told she was no longer required at the start of the month.

Mrs Gregson is angry at the nature of her dismissal, as the long-term instructor was unable to speak to management in person.

She said: “I was just handed a letter saying I had until the end of January to finish the lessons.

“But I knew I would be wasting parents’ time by carrying on for just a couple of weeks as I could not complete awards or progress the

“After 16 years, there is a lot of sadness to finish so abruptly.

“Swimming is a vital activity that can save not only your life but someone else’s and I am passionate about it, so to finish in this way after 16 years is sad.

“I feel like I have let the children down as there is no proper closure.”

Elaine Davis, of South Park, Lytham is a grandparent of two children who have had lessons with Mrs Gregson for the past year.

She says that the improvements her grandchildren have progressed brilliantly under the instructor’s stewardship.

She added: “They had swimming lessons elsewhere in St Annes for almost three years but were not really improving, particularly the youngest.

“Since being under Pam’s instruction they have come on in leaps and bounds as she really gets the best out of her pupils.

“All the parents are both angry and upset by the decision to stop the swimming

“It is difficult to find a good swimming teacher and a decent sized pool.”

Richard Fisher, of Haymarket, St Annes, has two children who went to the lessons at the hotel and described the decision to axe Mrs Gregson as “bizarre” and “disappointing”.

He added: “It’s terrible that they have left her without a job after all this time.

“It’s disappointing that they did not have any long term drawn up process to keep her on while trying to expand their membership

“There are several kids who are working towards their next badge who now have nowhere to go.”

Dalmeny Hotel director Samantha Lewis said: “We understand the difficulties of children getting through their badges, but this is more to do with the council and supplying provision.

“We did give Pam two or three months notice and offered to let the children finish their badges.”