Park friends’ warning over graffiti spree

Warning sign to vandals at Hope Street Park, St Annes
Warning sign to vandals at Hope Street Park, St Annes

Volunteers have threatened to stop raising funds to improve a St Annes park after vandals left them ‘fed up’ and considering their future.

The Friends of Hope Street Park have generated thousands of pounds so far, including the cash for a state-of-the art play area which opened two years ago.

They have drawn up plans for the next phase of a £400,000 total programme of improvements to the park, including a new-look pavilion, but say they have had their enthusiasm severely dented by repeated instances of vandalism.

The Friends have erected signs around the park headed ‘Your Park Needs You’ spelling out how they are now considering their future and calling for anyone with information to tell the police.

Chairman Ian Roberts said: “The main problem is graffiti.

“There have always been instances, but now the wooden gazebo has been absolutely covered and it’s impossible to get off.

“We have no choice but to coat it in dark paint.

“Picnic tables have also been damaged.

“With the planned pavilion to be mainly wood, we are 
really worried about how that will fare unless this is sorted out.

“We need to stop the vandals before it is too late.”